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The music is what matters most...

On this page I'll list the band's CDs, 7-inches, bootlegs, sampler appearances, and anything else I know about. I'll include a picture of the CD jacket (if I have one), a track list, and my own comments. I'll also include a sample sound file, if I can get my hands on one.

Below is a listing of all of VAST's Discography information

Music For People - (2000)
Elektra Records

Track Listing:
The Last One Alive, Free, I Don't Have Anything,The Gates Of Rock 'n' Roll, What Else Do I Need, Blue, Land Of Shame,
A Better Place,Song Without A Name,We Will Meet Again
My TV And You, Lady Of Dreams

Visual Audio Sensory Theatre -(1998)
Elektra Records

Track Listing: Here,Touched,Dirty Hole,Pretty When You Cry,I'm Dying,Flames,Temptation,Three Doors, The Niles Edge
Somewhere Else To Be,11,You

If you are aware of any other recording of VAST, please let e know via the guestbook.

Here I may include a sound Web Gem so you can listen to a sample of this CD.

VAST's new CD is extreamely exciting, I highly recommend it!!!

This album is full of musical genius from beginning to end.

Favorite Song

I would say that right now my favorite song is FREE. You might have heard it on the radio, if not I am sure that it will be breaking in your area very soon!